Merchant Account Comparison: ProPay vs Electronic Transfer

Most business owners require having efficient and convenient means of transacting in the credit market. This necessitates the need to have credit cards, which have a number of responsibilities and fees that ought to be undertaken. Companies that offer credit card processing services have tight security measures put in place for the customers’ personal information so as to prevent any fraud or theft associated with credit transactions.

Companies that facilitate these services also strive hard to ensure that they make appropriate profits from the fees paid by the customers and at the same guarantees high quality services that commensurate with the charges incurred. This article will succinctly explain the difference that exists between ProPay and Electronic Transfer’s services.


ProPay and JAK mobile reader reviewsThere is little that people know about the ProPay wireless mobile processing and electronic transfer. ProPay works in a quite unique way whereby it ensures that all owners of small enterprises have their credit card transactions done in the most convenient manner. Business people are now able to do their transactions with minimal hassles using ProPay mobile processing by only signing up an account with this service provider. The whole process of registering for an account is very simple and fast. This service secures their customers’ information by using encryption and tokenization method. They also use ProtectPay to retrieve data from stored for each of their customers so as to have it secure as possible. This company has been in operation since 1997 and it has worked hard making it to get a number of awards and recognition.

Electronic Transfer

Electronic-Transfer.comThis service has a bug number of users that goes up to 100 million and it is more popular to many individuals. Electronic Transfer has a wider scope of the accounts they give catering for both individual and business uses. There is a similarity that exists in the kind of merchant account they have with that of ProPay. Any business person who wishes to use their services can easily sign up a merchant account in their website which can only take at most 15 minutes. This service complies with PCI compliant safety standards that ensure that the customer’s information is secure and safe. Electronic Transfer was established in 1998 and has since been operating its business with great competence and customer satisfaction. It has also managed to gain recognition and several awards as a reliable credit card processing service and a good partner with other credit card processing services.

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