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Merchant Equipment Store reviewsMerchant account services provided by Merchant Equipment Store ( empower businesses and organizations to accept credit card, e-check and gift card payments. Modern shoppers often do not carry cash, but carry credit and debit cards instead. This trend puts cash-only businesses at a disadvantage, but can help. Merchant accounts, transaction processing services and credit card processing equipment from Merchant Equipment Store outfit businesses with everything they need to accept non-cash payments.

Although the Merchant Equipment Store offers low prices on wireless terminals and other credit card processing equipment, the company also provides low prices on industry-leading transaction processing services. Since 1997, businesses have trusted as a partner in the effort to build sales and profitability. A policy of customer service excellence and open fee disclosures makes this company a preferred choice for businesses around the country.

What Businesses Use Merchant Equipment Store? provides services for restaurants, retail stores, online retailers, mobile businesses, government, B2B and non-profit businesses and organizations. Professional sales consultants working for have the flexibility to create custom packages that meet the needs of every customer. This service provider can even provide support for offshore and international credit card transactions. uses PCI compliant security protocols to prevent the interception of POS, wireless, mobile and online credit card transactions. Such security safeguards give buyers and sellers the confidence they need to share their payment information.

Customer Service

MerchantEquip provides customer service through online chat sessions, email correspondence and live telephone calls. An online information and FAQ center helps businesses find the answers to most of their questions without needing to pick up the telephone.

Price/Fee Structure

Prices for credit card processing services vary based on sales volume, business type and the credit standing of businesses and their owners. Online, telephone and catalog transactions often cost more to process because they present more risk than in-store sales where the presence of customers and their credit cards improves transaction security. Prospective customers should make sure they understand all applicable fees before accepting service.

Unique Features of Merchant Equipment Store

Businesses who sign up with Merchant Equipment Store gain a partner that can help them grow and then grow with them. A unique supply of POS equipment and supplies gives businesses the ability to make credit card processing conform to specific business needs.

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