Securenetshop merchant services logoSecurenetshop started as a web design company in 1997; however, its clients had a need for shopping cart solutions. Initially, Securenetshop tried using third-party vendors to solve its clients’ shopping cart requirements but realized this was not the solution. The company designed its own program and eventually dedicated 100% of its focus on website shopping cart services. Today, the company’s expanded services include merchant accounts and website builder solutions. The company is dedicated to servicing its customers with high quality service, superlative customer service, top product design, and reliable support at an affordable price. The goal oriented and highly focused company offers online solutions to build successful businesses. Whether it is a merchant account or an online shopping cart issue, Securenetshop has the right solution.

Shopping Cart Services

Online businesses will save time, money and add more value at the same time. Merchants will find Securenetshop’s products and services feature rich and easy to use without costing a lot. A business could save approximately $500 a year because of fully hosted shopping carts and not having to set up a secure server. The advantages and benefits of using this service are improved usability for customers, secure transactions and work anywhere flexibility for managing online shopping carts. With the focus on the merchant’s customer needs, it ultimately translates to increased sales.

Service Plans

Securenetshop offers shopping cart monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual plans giving payment flexibility for its customers. In addition, customers can use the service free with a 15-day trial period. If a customer is not 100% satisfied within the initial 30 days of activating a shopping cart account, the company will give a full refund.

Additional Services

It is easy to set up a new shopping cart account because there is no software to install, complicated files to configure or special hardware needed. Because of the partnership with National Merchant Bankcard, customers receive the lowest rates and no upfront fees. With Securenetshop, there is 24-hour approval and applying for an account is free. Other free services include no set up fees, free payment gateway setup, 24/7 customer support, no credit restrictions, free AMEX and Discover set up, free fraud screening, and no fees for sales receipts. The fee for each transaction is $.25 with a discounted rate of 2.18% per transaction. As long as customers apply online with Securenetshop, they automatically receive these benefits and more.

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