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Practice Pay Solutions reviewsWith more than fifteen years of experience under its belt, Practice Pay Solutions knows what it takes to compete and win in the merchant services industry. The company takes pride in its commitment to excellent customer service and has built a reputation for working with its customers toward common goals. Unlike some payment processing companies, Practice Pay Solutions goes beyond its role as a merchant service provider to offer a robust array of services that can help any company reach its full potential. Besides traditional e-commerce and ePayment accounts, this company offers webinars and other training materials that teach principles of business, not how its merchant services products work. The eBuilder service provides important tools businesses need for creating and operating a profitable website.

What Businesses Use Practice Pay Solutions?

Practice Pay is made especially for practicing professionals like coaches, public speakers, trainers and consultants. Despite the company’s emphasis on private practices, the company can serve almost any type of small business.

Customer Service

Practice Pay has online training options available on its website that help you learn how to use the system. Videos and documents provide the needed information for customers to successfully accept card-based transactions from their clients. Live support options are also available via e-mail or telephone during business hours.

Price/Fee Structure

Fees for Practice Pay Solutions vary based on the services used. For example, the ePayment service has a Premier plan for businesses that process less than $1,000 per month and a Premier Plus plan for companies that sell more.

The Mobile Pay service has Premier and Premier Plus service levels that each has separate pricing based on monthly or two-year contracts. Before signing a contract, prospective customers should ask for a complete disclosure of all fees, equipment costs and other expenses.

Unique Features of Practice Pay Solutions

Practice Pay Solutions is unique among merchant services providers because it caters to independent practitioners who often work at sites other than their office. However, almost any small business can benefit from the services this company offers.

The unique business development services offered by Practice Pay make it a one-stop shop for building a business rather than just an everyday payment-processing provider.

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