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Verotel reviewsVerotel is an international company with headquarters in Amsterdam and free worldwide sales support. The European Union awarded Verotel with official Payment Institute status, marking them as the first high-risk payment processor to receive a PSD license. In addition to credit cards, Verotel merchants accepts online US checks, direct debit for European customers and predetermined flat fees that are charged to the customer’s phone bills (for US and European customers).

An Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) since 1998, Verotel is an online credit card payment processing service used by over 50,000 businesses. Their company specializes in high-risk payments and is fully PCI compliant and capable of processing all major credit cards. All transactions are made on pages encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and verified with their state-of-the-art Verotel Veronica anti-fraud system.

What Businesses Use Verotel?

Verotel specializes in services for high risk and international businesses. With offices in several different countries, they are capable of facilitating global transactions. Their payout currencies are the US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling; they accept numerous other currencies, including the Danish Krone, Swiss Francs and Renminbi.

Interested customers may set up a Verotel adult merchant account. These accounts are specifically designed for industry websites that require a secure server for subscription based, online payments.

Customer Service

Verotel offers multi-lingual customer support, available 24/7, via email, as well as through the community-powered support service Get Satisfaction. features a forum for requesting help from registered members and support staff, as well a searchable FAQ section.

Price/Fee Structure

Transaction fee rates can be as low as 4.5%. The rates rise depending on the number and volume of transactions; a higher volume lowers the user’s rate, and rates may vary as a result of variations in the currency exchange rate. A surcharge of 1.5% applies to all reoccurring transactions. Verotel does not charge customers a signup fee.

Unique Features of Verotel

  • Verotel FlexPay, a new system that enables the placement of customized orders as an alternative to traditional subscription models.
  • OpenAffiliate, which decreases the restrictions between users and their affiliates page.
  • Quick Charge, a PCI-compliant program that allows customers to save information on Verotel‘s secure server.

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Stay or Switch from Verotel To Another Credit Cards Service?

Share your comments about Verotel, complaints, honest opinions, service levels from merchant account Verotel. BBB Reviews for Verotel. Lookup information on Verotel. Is Verotel legit or a scam? Find an alternative solution to Verotel. Have you been Shutoff, Closed, Denied, Cancelled by Verotel? Leave a review for Verotel? Post your experiences with Verotel on Sales Practices, Length of Contract, Hidden Fees, Early Termination Fees, Problems with Verotel, Chargebacks, Verotel Annual Fees, Transaction Rates, Contracts, Contacts, Support, Customer Service for Verotel. Credit Card Processor Providers that have better rates then Verotel. Does Verotel Support High Risk merchants? Post your customer ratings and review of Verotel below.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support11111

    Awful. Customers had too many log-in issues. The support don’t know how to reply promptly or communicate with website customers decently. Their system is prehistoric compared to other high quality payment processing companies. It’s your own fault if you gamble on using Verotel if you know there are so many bad reviews and nightmare stories on record about them.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Customer Support33333

    I’ve worked with Verotel for many years and have tried several other competitors, like the US-based Epoch. Overall, I give Verotel a high score in general satisfaction. They are less expensive to get up and running with than many other processors, though recently they have started charging yearly fees for credit card processing, just like like everyone else. That said, they are still cheaper. The customer service end was, indeed, a little lax and slow at the time I set up my second account with Verotel (in 2012—the first was in 2007), but around that time, they were going through a transition in their structuring. Today, they have a revamped website and customer service response seems a little better.

    Overall, they are not a particularly bad online credit card processing service, though there is still room for improvement. I’d describe Verotel as middle of the road in overall quality and satisfaction: they get the job done.

    Bottom line? They get you up and running with installing a password protected area on your site where you keep memeber-only material. They handle credit cards and other sorts of payments and manage access by automatically providing logins and passwords for customers. You get paid from them based on the schedule you select. It works and has worked for me for several years…and I’m in the USA, mind you.

    Security is good. They block fraudulent sign-up attempts and blacklist people who play charge-back games. They allow you controls over your settings and options, unlike pricier Epoch, who has a CSR hold your hand every step of the way for the most minor of changes. With the above in mind, I have no intention of leaving Verotel.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support11111

    Several years ago it used to be a great service. Now it’s earning its reputation as a substandard merchant account option. Problems are many; Occasionally, when I used Verotel for my site, my Verotel members encountered log-in issues sometimes for no reason or related to payment expiration date issues that they could have been forewarned about. Verotel email support is unprofessionally slow. Their managers are callous in client relation skills, and very apt to suspend merchant accounts abruptly without warning > leaving your site’s Verotel members IMMEDIATELY without access to your site without any warning being able to be given to them in time. I’ve heard ex-Verotel merchants make complaints about Verotel too – including inept data-base system issues. There are many professionally better-run merchant services for you to choose from, so don’t bother with Verotel.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support11111

    Verotel apparently used to have American contact numbers, but they’re all nonfunctional. Good luck getting support if you’re not in Amsterdam.

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