Gotmerchant helps businesses sell goods and services online or in a traditional store. Merchant services provided by this company include the merchant accounts used to store funds from credit card transactions. verifies the availability of funds from credit cards presented by customers and then transfers the funds to the merchant account. The credit card processor uses a PCI-compliant data connection, so buyers and sellers can do business with confidence.

Merchants can choose to use internet gateway services to make secure sales from their Web-based stores. Sellers can also use traditional retail credit card machines to process card-based, in-store sales. Other choices available include wireless card readers and complete point of sale systems. Mobile payment processing options use smartphones with special apps to allow businesses to accept credit cards almost anywhere.

What Businesses Use Gotmerchant?

Gotmerchant provides payment-processing solutions for e-commerce companies, restaurants, retail stores, freelance professionals and other small businesses that need to accept credit cards.

Customer Service

Sellers that have problems with their payment processing services can call customer service numbers for Internet merchant accounts at any time of day or night. A special technical support number makes getting help with a point of sale terminal easy, so merchants can always restore their service after experiencing a problem with their equipment.

Price/Fee Structure

Free merchant services offered by this company include a free merchant account and some free POS choices. Fees for online sales include a $.25 transaction charge plus a 2.19% fee. A monthly account fee also applies. Free services include address verification fees, setup fees, application fees and more. Different transaction charges apply for mail and phone orders, wireless POS terminals, mobile payments and Yahoo stores. Rates may change at any time, so prospective customers should ask for a current fee schedule before submitting an application.

Unique Features of Gotmerchant

Most other credit card processing companies charge setup fees, application fees, American Express fees and other services. offers many of these vital important services for free, saving merchants a lot of money every month. The availability of customer service all day and all night from Americans makes solving problems easy for any company.

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