is a large payment processing company that offers merchant accounts and other services that make it easy for merchants to accept credit card payments. This type of service is essential for any e-commerce business that wants to accept online transactions and helps almost any type of business sell more and improve customer service. Merchant services accounts are often hard for small businesses to get because they often lack the necessary credit history. makes the process easier by targeting its products to that type of customer with affordable service plans that have very low startup costs. is owned by a larger company called Pipeline Data Processing, so it has access to many resources and processing options that smaller merchant services providers do not have.

What Businesses Use has plans designed especially for small to midsize businesses that need to accept credit card payments on their e-commerce websites. They also support payment processing for catalog and telephone orders, mobile sales and traditional retail and restaurant businesses.

Customer Service

Customer service is provided by an online service request form at the company’s website. After submitting a request, the company promptly sends answers to questions via e-mail. When customers have urgent situations, they can call the 24-hour customer support line to speak with a live customer service representative.

Price/Fee Structure

The fees for payment processing services vary based on the customer’s business model, transaction volume and other key factors. The company allows its clients to cancel their contract with no cancellation fee and offers instant approvals online. Discount rates for traditional retail sales begin at 1.26 percent; discount rates for online, catalog and telephone sales start at 1.79 percent. Transaction fees start at $.15. Business people will learn their custom rate schedule before they finalize their commitment.

Unique Features of Charge offers many free services that help attract small companies that don’t have enough cash flow to pay for large startup fees. For example, this company offers zero-cost setup fees, application fees and free technical support. Special Internet services like shopping cart software, Internet check software and search engine submission are also included for free with any contract. A unique online application process means many merchants can be accepting credit card payments within 24 hours of their application.

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