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For many people, the American dream involves starting a business and working hard to see that it is successful. Part of ensuring that a business is successful means keeping up with technological trends in order to maintain efficiency. One of the cornerstones of any successful business is the ability to process credit card payments. And while few businesses can survive without a modern credit card payment system, there are a lot of headaches that come with this system.

Business owners with a credit card payment system in place have to deal with outside processors, organizations that complete credit card transactions for businesses. Once a card is swiped in the business, it’s up to the processor to take care of all the details involved in performing the merchant account fees for the bank. Processors charge a fee for their services and many times it’s difficult for the business owner to know whether or not this fee is fair. That’s where CardFellow comes into play.

What CardFellow Does for You

Credit card processing with a is a free website that takes bids from various credit card processors across the country and lists them for the customer. In this way business owners can select low bids from a wide variety of processors. Not only does this save the business owner money, it also gives him or her a better understanding of the cost structure of processors. CardFellow has been in business for over six years and has a sterling reputation as an online merchant service, providing merchant account comparisons.

CardFellow is able to be free to the business owner because they charge a commission from the processors. They purposely keep this fee small, which allows the processor to make-lower-priced bids. All of these factors greatly benefit the customer. On top of that, this site ensures that processors are only allowed to quote interchange plus pricing, an industry pricing structure standard that ensures fairness.

Only Receive Quotes From High-Quality Processors

CardFellow has put many other safeguards in place, all designed to protect the customer. CardFellow won’t allow processors to charge cancellation fees or lease equipment. Processors must pass a comprehensive background check before being allowed to bid with this merchant account comparison site and they must be up to a standard where they would use their services as well. CardFellow also performs regular checks with its customers to insure that processors are doing their job and that the customers are satisfied.

Starting a business is a lot of hard work and it’s important to have advocates to help with the various aspects of the endeavour. Compared to many credit card processing comparison sites, CardFellow puts the power of credit card processing directly in the hands of the business owner, which allows them to focus on making their business a success.

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