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US Merchant Systems logoBusinesses can save time and earn more money when they use services provided by US Merchant Systems. These services include the processing of consumer credit card, debit card and e-check payments. This payment processing company guarantees it offers the lowest cost anywhere for credit card processing services. The company provides a variety of services that businesses can choose from to find the perfect payment handling system for their needs. Traditional stores, online retailers and any organization that needs to receive non-cash payments can visit and start accepting credit cards today.

This merchant services company also offers merchant cash advances, credit and debit card processing and high risk merchant services that make doing business possible for business owners of diverse backgrounds. The company started in 1992, and it has since earned the reputation of being a low-cost provider of high-quality financial services. Businesses who sign with USMS can save hundreds of dollars every month in processing fees alone.

What Businesses Use US Merchant Systems?

This credit card processing service provides merchant accounts and payment processing for new businesses, retail stores, delivery and fast food companies, mobile sellers and professional and freelance businesses. Grocery stores, golf courses and sports venues can also benefit from the services offered by this company. Even high-risk businesses can get the transaction-processing services needed to make money in unconventional business settings.

Customer Service

Merchants using this payment processor can contact the company via a toll-free telephone number, email or online support form. The company also provides online self-service options that help merchants find answers to the questions they have about their credit card services.

Price/Fee Structure

Like most credit card processing firms, transaction fees vary based on the credit background of each merchant. Different types of businesses can face different rates based on products sold. Transaction types can also vary in cost. For example, transactions processed via an iPhone could cost more than a transaction at a brick-and-mortal retail store. Businesses who have an interest in this payment processor can request a free quote for services, so they can decide whether they want to sign up for service.

Unique Features of USMS

This payment processor offers a broad array of services that differentiate it from typical payment processors. For example, payroll services and ATMs available through this service.

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Share your comments about Us Merchant Systems, complaints, honest opinions, service levels from merchant account Us Merchant Systems. BBB Reviews for Us Merchant Systems. Lookup information on Us Merchant Systems. Is Us Merchant Systems legit or a scam? Find an alternative solution to Us Merchant Systems. Have you been Shutoff, Closed, Denied, Cancelled by Us Merchant Systems? Leave a review for Us Merchant Systems? Post your experiences with Us Merchant Systems on Sales Practices, Length of Contract, Hidden Fees, Early Termination Fees, Problems with Us Merchant Systems, Chargebacks, Us Merchant Systems Annual Fees, Transaction Rates, Contracts, Contacts, Support, Customer Service for Us Merchant Systems. Credit Card Processor Providers that have better rates then Us Merchant Systems. Does Us Merchant Systems Support High Risk merchants? Post your customer ratings and review of Us Merchant Systems below.

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    Why use such a disreputable and old fashioned company when there are so many options out there?

    I signed on with a different company with lower fees and MUCH better customer support. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to escape USMS’ clutches.

    When I phoned them to cancel, they told me that they would give me better rates instead. I thought I’d see what happened so I waited for them to contact me back. And they didn’t. They have refused to update our billing address or correct phone numbers, so even if they do call, they don’t have the correct information.

    I’m in meetings throughout the day and prefer the time shifting and piece of mind of using email to communicate. Plus, it’s 2012, so lots of people have email now. So when I contacted them using their website to indicate my intent to cancel and that I would like to cancel, they contacted me by phone. At the wrong number.

    So I tried AGAIN to call them, and they kept towing the line of “we need a written letter by POSTAL MAIL”. What? I’ve canceled merchant services many times before, and have used written letters by fax every time. When dealing with a company who habitually fails to return contact correctly, I’m completely uneasy about sending my request out via the postal mail.

    Meanwhile, while they wait for my letter, they’ll have the opportunity to collect another month’s fees from me. Because, as they say, that’s what’s in my best interest.

    Long story short, there are lots of options out there. Pick one from this century and with actual customer service.

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