Intuity merchant services reviewsIntuit offers credit card, e-check payment processing and merchant services to business owners and professionals who need to accept online credit card payments and e-checks. Intuit caters to small businesses and professionals in every industry. For professionals and business owners that need the ability to process payments while on the road, Intuit offers a mobile payment processing service called GoPayment. With Intuit GoPayment, business owners and professionals have the ability to accept and process payments via mobile phone anytime of the day or night. Intuit also offers a wide variety of credit card and e-check processing solutions designed for business owners and professionals that need to accept and process credit cards at retail locations, via the Internet, their web store, via invoice and Quickbooks.

What Businesses Use Intuit?

Intuit offers its merchant services and credit card payment solutions to business owners and professions in every industry. The company specifically caters to businesses that need to accept payments in person and online. In addition to offering terminals that merchants can use to accept and process credit card payments at a retail location, Intuit also caters to business owners and professionals that offer professional and personal services, nonprofits, manufacturers and business owners in skilled trade professions.

Customer Service

Intuit offers superior customer service via telephone. Merchants can contact customer service either by calling them directly or using a call me back button on the company’s website. Intuit offers superior customer service. In addition to contacting customer service by phone, merchants can also access information and frequently asked questions by using the company’s User Support page located directly on the company’s website.

Price/Fee Structure

Intuit’s price structure is very reasonable. In addition to offering its services with no set up or cancellation fees, the company also offers the first two free months on most of its products. Merchants who want to process payments on the go with GoPayment will also receive a free card reader that is designed to plug directly into a smartphone.

Unique Features of Intuit

Intuit’s credit card payment processing services are unique because they allow merchants to process payments quickly online and in person. The company has a credit card payment solution for almost every type of business. In addition to all of the other features, business owners that use QuickBooks will also appreciate having access to a credit card processing solution that works seamlessly with QuickBooks.

For business owners and professionals that are looking for flexibility and advanced credit card payment processing solutions, Intuit is one of the most reasonably priced merchant services on the Internet.

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  1. I switched to QuickBooks from another accounting system that I had used for years because it was compatible with the management software system that I wanted to start using. QuickBooks had the capability of linking directly with Intuit Merchant Services, which seemed like a good idea that would simplify things. I signed up with Intuit Merchant Services, and purchased the card reader (pinpad). The pinpad did not function properly, and a replacement was sent out after hours on the phone. The second one did the exact same thing, the chip reader function does not work, the card reader locks up after one card swipe and the computer must be restarted. I have had numerous embarrassing moments with customers having to wait over 15 minutes for us to get the thing to work. Along with this, we start getting confusing statement, multiple withdrawals for fees, a statement that is 16 pages long for 3 transactions, etc. So, enough is enough, now I need to cancel. The best part is that the service is actually through First Data, so when I phone, this is who I get to talk to. My first request to cancel was 3 weeks ago, when I was told by the person that I was talking to that I needed to wait for a call back from someone else. No call back in a week, so I phone again. Same story, got a confirmation email stating such, and no call back. Okay third time, my language with the lady on the phone gets a little colorful, and same story. This time I do get a call back 3 days later. Now apparently, I have a contract for a period of time, and if I want to cancel, there is a $500 cancellation fee. Whoa! My contract is with Intuit Merchant Services who advertise that there is not contract period or cancellation fees, and my contract states the same. I ask the lady to send me a copy of the contract stating this with my signature, and now another week, and no response. Also, problems with them, since they have a competitive “qualified” transaction fee rate, but a very unattractive “unqualified” rate. So guess what, none of the transactions are ever “qualified”. When I questioned them on why none of the transactions were “qualified”, the response is “would have you declined accepting payment if it was not”. My question is how to tell the difference, to which there is no answer. Also, I have spent hours on the phone with “tech support” trying to get the pin pad to function, and am also waiting for a call back from that department from months ago, once he had more time to investigate my problem. It is unfortunate that Intuit has associated themselves with First Data. Do an internet search on First Data Merchant Service customers reviews to see for yourself.

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  2. I put a large charge in for a customer of mine (December 30th 2013). Before I put in the charge we called them up to make sure that a charge of this amount was not going to be an issue. They said that they would probably need some additional information but that it would be OK. We took the charge from our customer. They asked me for the information that they said they would need and I gave it all to them. Then they asked for more, gave them all that. They promised me that this time they would clear the funds and if there was any issue they would call me back. They never did call, the money never got to my account. After over 2 weeks of being lied to by them and getting one story after another, I finally on Monday (6 days ago) credited the money back. As of today (6 days later) they still have yet to credit back my customers money. When I call them they have no answer as to when that is going to happen. If I call them 10 times I get 10 different answers. As soon as this credit goes back to my customer I am done. I have lost credibility with my customer at this point. I have never taken credit cards before and now I am going to close my account and never take them again.

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