CardAccept reviewsCardAccept provides merchant services to businesses that need to accept credit cards and other non-cash payments. CardAccept has become one of the largest providers of merchant services in the nation. With more than seven years of experience serving business customers, the company has the ability to provide services to new and existing businesses that need to increase sales beyond standard cash transactions. Thousands of businesses depend on CardAccept and its flexible terms for reliable and secure transactions.

CardAccept understands that many of its new customers do not know much about the merchant services industry, so the company provides access to helpful sales representatives that create custom service packages for each business customer. This special attention ensures that businesses have needed services at affordable prices.

What Businesses Use CardAccept?

CardAccept serves traditional retail customers as well as online merchants, restaurants, hotels and service organizations. The company gives special attention to new business owners who may not understand how merchant accounts and credit card processing services work.

Customer Service

Customer service agents guide customers through every step of the application process. After customers receive approval, they have access to a staffed 24-hour service department that stays open every day of the year. CardAccept dedicates itself to providing excellent customer service because it does not want customers to miss any sales. A simple phone call helps every time a question or problem arises.

Price/Fee Structure

CardAccept provides merchant services with no application fees, setup fees, merchant account fees or support fees. The company also supplies free software, free search-engine submission and low prices for wireless payment devices and other credit card machines. Businesses can start accepting payments with no up-front costs to pay.

The company charges standard interchange rates plus .25 percent of transaction amounts for online, telephone and mail order sales. A $.25 transaction fee also applies. The same rates apply to in-person retail sales where customers present their cards for payment. A $9 monthly statement fee applies to all accounts. Internet merchants pay a $6 monthly gateway fee.

Unique Features of CardAccept

CardAccept offers professional merchant services without requiring customers to sign a contract. Also, no termination fees apply if merchants decide to leave CardAccept.

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