Companies who are having a hard time getting approved for a merchant account with a traditional bank should consider opening an account with Instabill. Instabill is a merchant account service that specializes in offering offshore merchant accounts to companies that are having difficulty getting approved for a traditional merchant account. At, you can apply for a merchant account, and find out how easy it is to start accepting payments for your business. Certain types of businesses are considered to be more high-risk than others. These businesses sometimes have trouble getting approved for merchant accounts. Banks feel like they may not be able to get payments when they are required. Instead of simply trying to get by without a merchant account, you can instead open one with Instabill.

What Businesses Use Instabill?

Any company could potentially work with Instabill, but they are set up to be of assistance to companies that need high-risk credit card processing accounts. Companies like online pharmacies, casinos and credit repair businesses usually fall into this category. Any company that would prefer to have a merchant account offshore could also benefit from using Instabill.

Customer Service

The customer service of Instabill varies from one case to the next. Some customers use the service without any problems. Others have made claims of problems with receiving payments from time to time.

Price/Fee Structure

When working with this provider, you pay a $10 monthly service fee. You will also pay a $.20 transaction fee and pay somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5 percent on each transaction. This is about average for payment processors.

Unique Features of Instabill

The unique thing about Instabill is that they aren’t picky on which businesses they provide merchant services to. They have a large network of banks that they have relationships with that help them get merchant accounts for everyone. If you are not eligible to get a merchant account from a traditional bank, giving Instabill a chance makes some sense.

They also offer multiple ways for you to collect credit card payments through your merchant account. For example, you can scan a card with the credit card terminal or you can accept a payment by entering the credit card information through a secure online portal. This gives you some flexibility in how you are able to accept payments.

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