What Every SMB Should Know About Payment Models

SMBs and moneyRunning an ebusiness means a lot of work, little free time and many different problems to cope with. Quite often online payments turn out to be one of most difficult issues for merchants. And this cannot be avoided if you want to sell anything – allowing to make a payment is obviously a must. Additionally, merchants may get confused when choosing a payment processor, because many tend to present the subject differently. This is a result of the subject’s complicity – payment processors want to simplify it for merchants, but they usually do this differently.

Apart from technical issues, features and other perks, the most important thing is to understand two most popular payment models from the business point of view. If you want to accept online payments, credit and debits cards will surely be an important part of it. And in order to be able to accept such payments, a merchant account is always needed.

There are two most popular solutions here – a business can either get its own merchant account or use a payment provider’s one. Usually it’s a bit more difficult to get a very own merchant account from an acquirer and this (more…)