US Merchant Systems

US Merchant Systems logoBusinesses can save time and earn more money when they use services provided by US Merchant Systems. These services include the processing of consumer credit card, debit card and e-check payments. This payment processing company guarantees it offers the lowest cost anywhere for credit card processing services. The company provides a variety of services that businesses can choose from to find the perfect payment handling system for their needs. Traditional stores, online retailers and any organization that needs to receive non-cash payments can visit and start accepting credit cards today.

This merchant services company also offers merchant cash advances, credit and debit card processing and high risk merchant services that make doing business possible for business owners of diverse backgrounds. The company started in 1992, and it has since earned the reputation of being a low-cost provider of high-quality financial services. Businesses who sign with USMS can save hundreds of dollars every month in processing fees alone.

What Businesses Use US Merchant Systems?

This credit card processing service provides merchant accounts and payment processing for new businesses, retail stores, delivery and fast food companies, mobile sellers and professional and freelance businesses. Grocery stores, golf courses and sports venues can also benefit from the services (more…)