MultiCard reviewsMultiCards provides worldwide credit card processing services to merchants who need a global reach. MultiCards helped pioneer the online payments industry and has led its competitors since 1995. The company offers full, PCI-compliant transaction processing services for Internet sellers in almost every part of the world. Payment solutions offered by MultiCards include real-time credit card processing. Instant shopper verification, online statistics and reports in real-time give merchants the tools they need to stay in touch with their business. Merchants can also request payment transfers in one of several currencies.

The company provides software that integrates with almost any shopping cart. Merchants like MultiCards because of the flexibility it gives them to serve customers from almost anywhere.

MultiCards operates aggressive fraud-detection systems that help minimize the cost and risks its customers incur while doing business. The company uses CVV2 and CVC2 code verification, negative credit card databases and MaxMind fraud scores to keep sellers safe.

What Businesses Use MultiCards?

MultiCards operates specifically in support of international online retailers, a market segment that many payment processors ignore. The company processes MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express and Diners Club cards. Merchants operating with MultiCards also (more…)


goEmerchant reviewsgoEmerchant is a company that is convinced that a merchant account should offer more than just credit card processing. What they offer is a complete e-commerce solution that also includes extra services that might be useful to many business owners. You can opt to have your shopping cart, website hosting, SSL certificate and many other often hard-to-master services and tools provided by goEmerchant. This merchant services has been active since 1995 and has been providing top-notch technology and service ever since. goEmerchant was also one of the first ones to come up with solutions for mobile payments and other technologies that are hot nowadays.

What Businesses Use goEmerchant?

Any type of business that wants to accept credit cards as payment can use the services of goEmerchant. It is especially good for businesses that do not perform their services in a brick and mortar building, such as:

Plumbers Carpenters Cleaning Services Utility Providers Those who sell their products at trade shows or fairs

Online merchant accounts are also great for business owners who have their retail stores on the Internet. These people will have e-commerce solutions that allow them to accept credit card payments online after a fast and an easy set up.

Customer Service

Customer service (more…)