Merchant Warehouse

Merchante Warehouse reviewsMerchant Warehouse is a merchant account services company specializing in the credit card processing business. Founded in 1998, Merchant Warehouse is the first merchant account services provider to offer credit card processing services on the Internet. Today, the company serves well over 100,000 merchant accounts and processes more than $7 billion in credit-card sales a year. New customers continually join the company at a rate of 30,000 merchants a year. Merchant Warehouse ranks the highest in customer satisfaction and retention rate and is the longest standing member with Better Business Bureau. The company provides merchant customers the lowest price guarantees on both overall processing costs and terminals and software. Account setup is quick and easy with no application and programming fees.

What Businesses Use Merchant Warehouse?

Merchant Warehouse offers credit card processing services to many types of businesses. The company accepts merchant accounts from traditional physical stores, online businesses, pay-by-phone sales services such as mail order companies, and businesses conducted at trade shows or any other mobile locations. Merchant Warehouse provides wireless credit card terminals and contactless payment readers, allowing merchant mobility and payment convenience for customers. Whether its customers physically swipe credit cards or manually (more…)