If your business is in need of a credit card merchant account, is one option for you to consider. They’ve been in business for some time and they are a part of the biggest credit card network in the United Kingdom. They offer several different types of credit card machines and services to help you take credit card payments for your business. They are one of the better-known merchant account providers in the UK and they offer a lot of flexibility for those who need to start accepting payments on a regular basis. They also pride themselves on offering the ability to accept telephone credit card payments as well as accepting payments online. This company is used by a wide variety of businesses.

What Businesses Use CardSave?

At any type of business could benefit from using They are suitable for large corporations and for small businesses alike. They do not offer a mobile payment application like some of the other credit card merchant account providers out there, but they are very suitable for regular brick-and-mortar businesses or for online businesses.

Customer Service

They have a 24-hour customer service hotline that is there for the purpose of offering assistance when you need it. If you have trouble with a credit card terminal, you should be able (more…)