North American Bancard

North American Bancard reviewsAmerican businesses that need to begin merchant credit card processing can receive several different services from North American Bancard. This merchant service is one of the established service providers in this particular niche and keeps surprising its customers with new features and extra services. North American Bancard gives businesses more than just the ability to take credit cards; when a business opts to obtain the services of this company, they will be able to:

Accept credit cards from their customers Accept checks as if they were credit cards Accept fleet cards Accept wireless payments Accept gift cards Create a loyalty program Take payments online Accept payment by mail or phone Obtain a business cash advance Begin ATM services

North American Bancard is highly technologically advanced, and it makes sure that its clients can receive payments according to the rules of the industry. Business owners will even receive free equipment when they set up their merchant credit card processing with this company.

What Businesses Use North American Bancard?

Several businesses would benefit from being able to accept credit card payments, and North American Bancard is capable of offering their services to all types of companies. The businesses include:

Retail Establishments Restaurants The Petroleum Industry Grocery Stores Businesses that offer services Businesses (more…)

Electronic Transfer

Reviews of Electronic Transfer's merchant accountsElectronic Transfer offers credit card processing for internet merchants and has been in operation since 1989. It is listed as an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau and offers a variety of products and services including, but not limited to, wireless mobile processing, retail payment solutions and online credit card processing. Additional services for approved merchants also include 24 hour customer support and free fraud screening. As a PCI compliant company, Electronic Transfer meets the standards of the Security Standards Council for credit card security, and with a 98 percent approval rate, most applicants are approved to open a merchant account. There are no costs associated with the application or set up. Electronic Transfer makes it possible for online merchants to accept major credit cards in their businesses.

What Businesses Use Electronic Transfer?

Any merchant can use this service. Retail, wholesale, services or any other online business can utilize the programs offered by Electronic Transfer. Mobile processing is available for merchants who need to complete transactions on the road, as well as retail merchant processing for clients in brick and mortar stores. Internet only merchants have the ability to process payments (more…)