CDGCommerce reviewsCDGCommerce, provides merchant services for Internet, storefront and wireless card-based transactions. The company issues its business clients merchant accounts that receive funds from various customer payment methods. CDGCommerce supports many different types of sales, including mail orders and telephone orders. As a payment processor, this company covers every segment of the industry. A 5-minute setup process helps merchants quickly get started with accepting credit card payments. Most businesses instantly see a jump in sales because they can accept the payment forms that customers want to use. The payment processor moves money from customer credit cards, debit cards and e-checks in to Internet merchant accounts assigned to traditional and online sellers. After settlement, businesses can have funds transferred into their business checking accounts for normal use.

What Businesses Use CDGCommerce?

This company also provides a free payment gateway for Internet merchants who have a US bank account. The company offers this service for free without passing the cost onto customers in the form of increased fees elsewhere in their program. CDGCommerce also offers payment processing for brick-and-mortar retailers, catalog and telephone sellers and mobile professionals.

Customer Service

CDGCommerce provides support via live chat, telephone or email. The company also provides an (more…)