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It’s time for another one of our merchant account comparisons, this time we will be comparing IntelliCollect and iPayDNA. Both companies provide services for Internet merchants to have their credit and debit cards processed, as well as various forms of paying without using a card. iPayDNA is more of an international-oriented company, whereas IntelliCollect prefers to stay more in the US with its activities and really wants to become the number one merchant account service.


iPayDNA International is a private company established in 2004. There are many ways to pay for merchants to accept payment. In addition to all of the major international cards — Visa, MasterCard, American Express (but apparently not Discover), Maestro, Diners Club International, JCB, and Union Pay — iPayDNA also provides a number non- card payment networks. Inpay, founded in 2007, serves clients all over the world; American Clearing House, in the United States; Online Uberweisung, PostFinance, TeleIngresso, Przelewy24, and some others, in Europe; SecurEFT and Maybank2U, in Australia; and Middle East Debit Network, in various Middle Eastern nations. All of these companies provide online banking services. In addition, iPayDNA sets up e-wallets and vouchers with international merchant accounts. Services are available at iPayDNA in many languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, and Korean.

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IntelliCollect has built up a reputation as the “no complaints” merchant account provider. They enable the client to set up a small business merchant account so that he can accept credit cards from anywhere in the world — and they impose amazingly low fees that are hard to beat! Their retail, Internet, mobile, and MOTO and dial pay rates are cheap. Merchant account fees, such as AVS and Batch, have also been waived, and if the holder wishes to terminate his account, no fee is imposed for that, either. The prices you will find at IntelliCollect really “blow the competition out of the water!”


Jill Shrake, of ShrockWorks, says that she would recommend IntelliCollect to anyone. She has found that the people here are not just trying to market their products, but truly understand what they are selling. Likewise, the president and CEO of FCTC and Limo is extremely pleased with the credit card processor; other customers report that this service provider was “the least expensive overall for my business,” that the employees and staff are patient nd understanding, and that they are “fantastic to work with.”

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  • hi, any suggestions regarding credit card payment gateway to accept application from China operation online shop? tks!

  • There should not be a comparison in the first place. iPayDNA’s value proposition is “the most payment options” compared to IntelliCollect’s lowest possible price strategy.
    For merchants new to e-commerce, Intellicollect would seem the most appropriate choice as it is the cheaper of the two. However, season e-commerce Merchants looking for specific payment instruments would not be able to find it with them. iPayDNA would be the choice for merchants with specific needs.
    To me, iPayDNA would edge it over Intellicollect.
    choice: iPayDNA.

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