Best Merchant Account Credit Card Services in 2022

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1Visit PaymentSphere Payment ProcessingIIIIi
2Goto Clarity Merchant ServicesIIIIi
3Goto Entrust Merchant SolutionsIIII0
4Visit High Risk Credit Card ServicesIIIi0
5Best Credit Card Processors in 2020III00

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Merchant Account Holders, Place These Crucial 7 Items on Your To-Do List

To-do list for merchant account holdersA merchant receives a billing statement and the rates do not reflect the fee schedule that was outlined. Another merchant receives the news that her funds are being held until the transaction’s authenticity can be verified and bank statements collected to ensure that she can cover any potential customer dispute or chargeback. Another business owner learns that his merchant account has been closed due to inactivity and excessive rejects.

As a merchant account agent for over the last decade, I have heard and witnessed the aforementioned scenarios and quite a slew of others – most of which could have been prevented by an enlightened merchant who researches the merchant account field before opening a merchant account and looks over the contract before providing a signature. Of course, it is also imperative to sign with a merchant account provider, noted for honesty, integrity, and full disclosure. But the purpose of this article is to outline steps you can take to avoid potential merchant account minefields. (more…)

Looking Beyond Merchant Account Rates

Stealing money from a merchantBusinesses often make the mistake of only looking at merchant account rates when evaluating companies that offer merchant services. This is not a good way to evaluate competitors because it does not take into account if there are termination fees, the level of customer service they offer, and the choices and requirements for POS equipment. and Merchant Warehouse will be evaluated to show the importance of a proper evaluation of a company. (more…)

Free Merchant Account Services: Do They Exist?

Free merchant account?There really isn’t any such thing as a free merchant account service. No one works for nothing so if you find one that says they are free, they may be a scam. is a merchant account service that says they offer many free services but for a limited time only, while Merchant Warehouse does not list their fees at all. They say that every business is different so their fees will differ. Before signing a contract with a merchant account service be sure that they charge no hidden fees and that they don’t gradually increase over time. (more…)

How You Should Select the Best Merchant Account For Your Business

Credit card payment

In today’s increasingly cash-free world accepting credit cards and debit cards is no longer a viable option for most businesses. If a merchant doesn’t accept credit cards they risk turning away a large portion of their potential market. Identifying who provides the best merchant account services has become a critical requirement in providing the merchant the widest range of payment options for their customers.

Merchant account reviews are not as common as reviews for restaurants or movies, merchants tend to enter into multi-year processing deals and switching costs can be high so side by side comparisons can be few and far between. But when evaluating a company such as Merchant Warehouse be aware that there are two primary methods in which a processor derives the bulk of their income. First there are fees, some of which are one time at setup and some of which are recurring on a per transaction basis or as monthly statement fees. (more…)

Tips for not Paying Too Much Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit card feesOver the past couple of decades, the amount of transactions that are completed using credit cards has increased dramatically. With online shopping continuing to outpace traditional forms of shopping, the use of credit cards is likely to only continue to rise. While these forms of cards provide great conveniences to shoppers, and ultimately result in increased sales for businesses and retailers, many businesses are struggling due to the high credit card processing charges that come with a merchant account transaction.

Who’s Being Charged for What?

Whenever a consumer uses a credit card to make a purchase, they will be charged for the exact dollar amount of the transaction, plus any applicable sales taxes that are paid. The business, on the other hand, will have to pay credit-processing fees to the credit card company. The fees that are paid are generally around two percent of the sale price, plus a low flat fee of around 15 cents per transaction. While this may seem like a nominal amount, these fees can add up to large sums of money over time.

Tip: Shop Around

Credit card serviceWhile these commissions paid on merchant account transactions are inevitable, there are ways that a business can control how much they have to pay on them. One of the best ways to save money on the credit processing fees paid would be to shop around for rates. Most businesses end up using the first offer that they are given without considering whether the rate is too high. By shopping around with various credit card processing companies like Merchant Warehouse and iTransact, you will receive a number of different quotes. These quotes can then be used to negotiate against one another, which could help you receive an even lower rate.

Another tip to for not paying too much credit processing fees would be to attempt to reduce the amount of credit card transactions that you receive. While offering credit card purchases to consumers is a great convenience, there are ways that you could entice consumers to pay with cash or debit cards instead. One way to do this would be to offer some form of a rewards program for cash purchases. If you provide future discounts to cash-paying consumers, you will not only avoid some credit card processing fees, but you will help ensure that you will receive a repeat customer in the future.


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