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  • has been a leader in the online credit card merchant processing industry since it began in 1996. The company is known for top-notch security, which gives online merchants peace of mind. Among their services are features that help Internet businesses prosper and thrive in cyberspace.’s tool offering makes payment processing easy, and it allows owners to concentrate on expanding their businesses. The company’s payment gateway also comes with full customer and IT support, designed to make integrating the gateway code onto a website a relatively smooth process. Businesses receive online documentation on the coding requirements, and the detailed instructions are informative enough to guide even those with low-level coding knowledge. Overall, the company is competitive with rates and is one of the most popular merchant processing companies.

What Businesses Use

It is for any business that wants to accept credit cards and receive payments of all types quickly. A company can minimize risk, prevent fraud and audit payments through its own website. Making use of the service requires only an Internet connection and is recommended for the following types of businesses:

  • Mobile
  • MOTO
  • Retail
  • Internet-only

Customer Service credit card payment processingAlong with a dedicated webpage for frequently asked questions, offers free customer support through telephone, email and an online chat option. The customer support phones are manned Monday through Friday, from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Experts are there to answer questions and handle any concerns.

Price/Fee Structure merchant services can be purchased through a large reseller network. They will help a business set up its merchant account, which is the bank account needed to accept credit cards. The typical costs are $99 for gateway setup, a $20 per month gateway fee and a fee of 10 cents per each transaction. These fees will vary based on the reseller and whatever other services were purchased.

Unique Features of

There are many things that make stand out, including their FDS (Fraud Detection Suite), which will alert a merchant of fraudulent activity before an item has shipped. Other unique benefits include recurring billing, an advanced eCheck processing system and the ability to choose the integration method.

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Share your comments about Authorize Net, complaints, honest opinions, service levels from merchant account Authorize Net. BBB Reviews for Authorize Net. Lookup information on Authorize Net. Is Authorize Net legit or a scam? Find an alternative solution to Authorize Net. Have you been Shutoff, Closed, Denied, Cancelled by Authorize Net? Leave a review for Authorize Net? Post your experiences with Authorize Net on Sales Practices, Length of Contract, Hidden Fees, Early Termination Fees, Problems with Authorize Net, Chargebacks, Authorize Net Annual Fees, Transaction Rates, Contracts, Contacts, Support, Customer Service for Authorize Net. Credit Card Processor Providers that have better rates then Authorize Net. Does Authorize Net Support High Risk merchants? Post your customer ratings and review of Authorize Net below.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support11111

    TOTAL FREAKING RETARD A**HOLES IN SALES! I try to get a supervisor and no return after a week…finally he is also a total jerk and says I “won’t give the info he needs”!! wow! I gave my name, email address and company name and so what else? he never asked for anything else! They keep transferring me back to the guy that can’t explain pci compliance or talk in a normal manner without putting u down or arguing about it! The supervisor is just as bad! Customer care is almost as bad…mostly retards and can’t find my application either…has to go through sales! Glad i found out they are doing illegal things before it gets worse too! Hidden charges they aren’t invoicing for etc…not explaining pci compliance etc…

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support11111

    Very bad experience , I do see that i’m not the only one who had a bad experience , and I guess like the first people said , they are CLOWNS , for me they were not helpful when I needed , plus their fees are tremendous .
    People STAY AWAY of this company !!!!!!
    They charge me $169 and I do not even know why ….

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support11111

    I used this company for one month and they weren’t very much help from a customer service standpoint. I got fed up with trying to deal with them and cancelled my account on Aug 9, 2013 and I asked for a partial refund of my monthly payment. The customer rep said that he would submit it, and then the company would let me know what the status is. So today it’s Aug. 26th with nothing from these clowns so I had to call them. After going through validation after validation of my account to try and find out what has happened I was told by a rep that they would only offer a refund if it is requested by the 5th day of the month. Of course when I set up the account there wasn’t anything mentioned to me that I had to cancel within the first 5 days of the month.

    I guess there phones have been down for the last 17 days of the month and no one in their company could have the courtesy to call me with any resolution to my request. When I was told there wouldn’t be any refund there was no apology on their part they just said it was not going to be granted.

    So just another example of big company with obscure rules which work to their favor to keep another $30 from another “valued client” who really isn’t and never wasn’t valued at all. So if you want lousy customer service and no attempt to contact you if you request their help then this is the company for you!

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Support22222

    Bad experience with this company. It is NOT a credit card processor yet represents itself as one. They also do not explain what exactly they do and that you have to sign up with an actual processor to get service. THEN, they start accepting charges and collecting money from your store before you are even set up with the actual processor, who then holds your money hostage until you complete the set up. Not to mention, the setup fees are ridiculous.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Customer Support44444 as a whole is a good company if you are going throught them directly. If you use a reseller for them they can put whatever price they want to which can be more money than it is worth if you are just starting off.

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